Courses Taught

Social Movements and Social Change

Fall 2022

Sex and Gender Roles

Spring 2022

Adjunct Professor, Hunter College, CUNY

Student Reviews

Social Movements and Social Change

Fall 2022

“The final felt very cumulative (in a good way). It was fun and engaging. There was a lot of creative liberty to take and it felt very hands on. I was looking forward to this final since I got the syllabus.”

“I liked exploring how expansive social change and resistance can be, from the organizing methods of the Black Panthers to modern music”

“The class sessions were used well, Kristen provided a lot of information. I enjoyed the visual aspect such as documentaries and group activities”

“I find the most enjoyable and substantial classes to be ones that expand my knowledge, foster new ideas, and introduce information that extends to other classes and daily life outside of class and this class definitely did that!”